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Hardware Status

Page history last edited by Dennis Van Arsdale 5 years, 11 months ago

oreham Library Staff Wiki



There are 3 print release stations for black & white printer (both floors, 24 Hour Zone) and 1 color station (24 Hour Zone).

You can print from either of these in the main building, so if one is down, send users to the other.

HOWEVER the 24 Hour Zone printer is totally separate and you must be in the Zone to print to it.

The password is optional and private -- if someone forgets, they'll have to send it again because we cannot override it.

Payment is by I.D. card ONLY (10 cents/page, 15 cents double-sided, 50 cents color).  At present, students get $10 free to start just for this (and no, it is not refundable).

Public will have to purchase card AND put funds on it; refer to a staff member.

     We cannot refund unused money on cards here.


Hardware Status


Please notify staff FIRST about messages/out of order problems.  The staff member will decide how to handle it.


STAFF: Please enter the problem and the date submitted with your initials.  Delete the problem/date/initials when returned/fixed. Blank = working. 


Staff & Network Hardware


Room Make  Item  LI # UAFS tag#  4 Service Now problem, submitted date YY/MM/DD, initials 
110 vending alcove    PHIL card    937585   


111 24 Hour Zone  HP  printer, B&W
PHLB11190 40034 p. release
111  HP  printer, color  PHLB11191 44293    
111  Dell  monitor  PRSLB11101  937428  p. release  
111    CPU  PRSLB11101  938809  p. release


111  Dell  monitor  111PWR01TC  936882  p/w reset  
111  Dell  cpu  111PWR01TC  41879  p/w reset   
111  Dell  monitor  11121  938866  scanner   
111  Dell  CPU  11121  44943  scanner   
111  Epson  scanner    936240  scanner   
111  Dell  monitor  11122    scanner   
111  Dell  cpu  11122    scanner   
111  Epson  scanner    936242  scanner   
118 Main 1st floor  HP  printer, B&W
PHLB11890  40035  p. release
118  Dell  monitor  PRSLB11801  937432  p. release  
118  Dell  cpu  PSFLB11801  938810  p. release  
Ricoh copier  LI10170   copier   
118 Dell  CPU LB20029  42907  Ref. Desk   
136 HP printer LI13690      
111  Dell    LI11841
128  HP  printer  PHLI12890    p. release   
137     LI13701   Pebley  
137     LI13702  


137     LI13703   Pebley  
            any problem will be listed in this column 
217 Main 2nd floor  Dell  monitor  PRSLB21901  936808  p. release  
217  Dell  cpu      p. release   
217  HP  printer, B&W
PHLB21990  41042  p. release
217  Ricoh copier  LI 21780   copier   
217 Info Desk  Dell  monitor    937756  staff   
217  Dell  cpu  20007  40756  staff   
217  Optelec  low vision rdr.      reader   
217  Minolta  m/f reader    35817     
217  Minolta  m/f printer      printer   
217  Panasonic  TV/CD/DVD         
217  Panasonic  TV/CD/DVD         
roaming  NEC  large monitor    42180     
roaming  NEC  large monitor    42458     
enter any others    
 24 hr Zone
 RM 229
 Parking Lot I




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